N.igmaadded June 26, 2020

Been looking for one for a long time , Only had it for a couple of hours but will be sending it back, hopefully will be an easy process.
In certain light you can see that there are multiple scratches/damage on the dial , there is a white hair/fibre stuck under the Chrono minute needle and there seems to be a problem with the threads for the crown as it unscrews after 1 turn and doesn't seem to screw down completely. The Box was also in much poorer condition than initially shown.
Has anybody come across this type of dial damage?

Time to CutJune 26, 2020

@all-x send it back 👍

N.igmaJune 26, 2020

@TimetoCut yep, already got in touch with the company I bought it from

Kai RoweJune 30, 2020

Looks amazing!