N.igmaadded August 29, 2020

The brand new carrera model.
Really good looking watch in blue. One of the best Carrera designs in my opinion.
The dial is brushed in a circular pattern, a very interesting design and the colour is a very pleasant blue
The watch doesn't seem overly tall on wrist and I believe it's slightly thinner than the previous calibre 16 models.
The watch is large and wears large in my opinion, at 44mm. Don't really get Tag moving their models even bigger than they were, I believe they'll make the next Aquaracer only in 43mm of not 44.

N.igmaAugust 29, 2020

@Nasdaq775 no, too big for my liking, it really wears its 44mm size

Abdul Rahman ARAugust 30, 2020

Feels a bit large, the blue gives it more depth

N.igmaAugust 30, 2020

@siabdo I think they made a mistake making it 44, they should've stuck to 41 or 42 especially as the previous Carreras wear big. Because the lugs aren't longer but the case is 3mm wider it looks a bit tubby. It's a beautiful shade of blue and the dial texture is interesting