Duncan80added September 18, 2019

Each record has 3D holograms on side 2. One appears to be floating above and the other inside the record. Record 1 is the Millennium Falcon and record 2 a Tie Fighter. They spin around as the record rotates. A very cool effect that looks better in person than the pictures show.

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Sakura4anime25September 18, 2019

I have this one too, the effect is indeed hard to capture in a picture, but looks so cool!

Duncan80September 18, 2019

@Sakura4anime25 Problem is I need the phone light on to see how it looks, but it turns on flash mode when I'm taking the picture.

Sakura4anime25September 19, 2019

@dgibb01 Yeah when I took my pictures of it, I got a bright LED flashlight to shine on it while I took the pics with my phone