Duncan80November 7, 2019

@QuantumAxe That must be most of the good ones.

Lauri5150November 7, 2019

@dgibb01 I disagree. There are over 1200 official games and about a 100 of them are at least very good or even excellent. I dare to say even 200 of them are very enjoyable or hidden gems... I hate that phrase. MetalJesusRocks ruined it for all of us. Anyway, there are potentially lots of good ones for me to buy and for very little money. Trouble is, I don’t have time to play them all.

Duncan80November 7, 2019

@QuantumAxe I think I gave up on the Wii except for the Mario and Zelda games. And Resident Evil too. That is an amazingly huge number of games.