FrankMarch 30, 2020
Baris Mehmet KuralMarch 30, 2020

Be safe, stay inside as much as you can , and pray for the globe, Who ver the cause of this disaster "go hell" sorry but we , health professionals dealing with this disaster and of course families effected from this! I recently moved out of NYC and receiving so many emails explaining how bad is the situation there from physician friends. I was working at Mount Sinai and Bronx VA . I shouldn't say I am glad that i am here in Maine, cause we really don't know where we are going and I still have families and friends in NYC . Nowhere is safe , nowhere to hide except staying inside. I just want to say God Bless the Globe , cause it is hard for anyone around the earth . Be safe , sorry if I wrote too long. Best Wishes

Abdul Rahman ARMarch 30, 2020

Top notch shine 👌👌👍

CraigMarch 30, 2020

@Nigel182 Agreed Nigel. I started on Instagram a few months ago, but I prefer the watch community on Snupps 😊👍🏻