💙GEMMA💙 💙GEMMA💙added November 5, 2017

I would really love this to be done and gone with! SWIPE▶
*UPDATE Dec.12,2017: I literally use this everyday and it is still going strong ahhhh I really want to finish this sucker!
*UPDATE Dec.25,2017: I think I have made really good progress, but still I feel like like this just takes forever to use up, and I will be rolling it over, funny thing is this is just a mini "Deluxe" size and I have the mother size still unopened lol.
🐣UPDATE Jan.19,2018: I have finally pulled the stopper out because I couldn't get product out.
🌸UPDATE April 3,18: I am getting there should be done by summer.
🌸UPDATE May 1,18-Used everyday and can see a lot of progress but still quite a bit left.
🏆FINISHED May 11,2018 couldn't get anymore out so it's considered done.