💙GEMMA💙 💙GEMMA💙added November 5, 2017

My goal for this quad is to:
•Brulé - Would love to finish
*UPDATE 12/24/17 I use this everyday and have made good progress I have officially broken off one of the sides and am finishing that off, sadly won't be finished by Christmas though. Will be rolling this over
🌸UPDATE May 1,18-Use everyday cleaned off another corner
•Brown script(reformulated)-Would love to finish
*UPDATE 12/24/17 I have made really good progress and very happy with it wish it was finished but super happy with progress. I will be rolling this one over.
🌸UPDATE May 1,18-Used a ton.
•Cork- Make the pan bigger at least the size of a dime?
*UPDATE 12/24/17 Made real good progress and pretty much accomplished my goal pretty close
🌸UPDATE May 1,18-Used quite a bit as well
•Nylon-I would love to try finish off majority of it
🌸UPDATE May 1,18-Use for browbone and inner corner highlight.
🎄❌Naked Lunch- Love to hit pan

@Erica1229 REALLY?? Wow! I've probably gone through like 5 of them so far lol, it's one of my faves of all time, since I got into Mac.

EricaNovember 6, 2017

@gemster12 I love it too but it's still going strong. Same with Vanilla. I have used it to death in like 2 years since purchasing and have yet to hit pan. It's crazy how hard packed these eyeshadows are but yet so blendable and smooth. Love me some MAC


@Erica1229 I know right its crazy I feel like they packed them tighter the last few years compared to the others I'm not complaining because they still preform as they originally always have! Oh speaking of I remember talking about putting back together broken eyeshadows and such & that's what happened to my "Brown Script" if using a low % alcohol not complaining because it turned out to be a beautiful color & transition lol😂