💙GEMMA💙 💙GEMMA💙added November 6, 2017

🐇❌Mac Strobe Cream: Almost finished you can see there is less then a quarter left should have no problem finishing
UPDATE Dec.25,17: Taking forever a little goes a long way I'm below the 50ml line just a little. This is a rollover from Christmas Project Pan2017
*(UPDATE: Jan.13,2018:FINISHED🙌)Swipe▶
❌Loreal Lumi Primer: I would love to finish this off I think I should have no problem I love hydrating/lumi primers for my dry skin.
🌸UPDATE April 3,18: Used a few times.
🌸UPDATE May 1,18-Use everyday
(FINISHED) November 24,2018
•Loreal Perfecting Base Primer: I would love to finish this but if not at least make real good progress with it.
🌸UPDATE April 3,18: Haven't used it.
🌸UPDATE May 1,18-No use
🐇❌Hourglass Mineral Veil "Sample": I would love to finish this as it is a sample.
•FINISHED: Feb.2,2018
🎄❌N°7 Photo Fix Primer: Would love to finish this sample packet.
(🙌FINISHED Dec.7,2017) swipe▶