💙GEMMA💙 💙GEMMA💙added December 30, 2017

*GOAL April 3,18: I plan on finishing both powders by end the at least very close to finishing the maybelline.
•ELF Translucent Powder
🐣UPDATE Jan.30,18: I have made really good progress I am now having to break the sides off since I am having a difficult time getting product on my brush should be done for sure this month.
🌸UPDATE April 3,18: It is broken in pieces little more use be done this month.
🌸UPDATE May 1,18- Getting there almost.
🏆FINISHED May 11,2018
•Maybelline Fit Me Set+Smooth Powder
🐣UPDATE Jan.30,18: I haven't used this at all besides once I believe😳
🌸UPDATE April 3,18: Used a few time and can see the pan peeking thru more.
🌸UPDATE May 1,18- I have used this quote a bit almost able to see the 2nd ring.