💙GEMMA💙 💙GEMMA💙added December 30, 2017

*GOAL April 3,2018: I want to hit pan at least which would be awesome.
•Wet N Wild "Bikini Contest" Bronzer:
*UPDATE Jan.16,2018: I feel as I have been doing pretty well with this I know you can't tell in the pic which is also old but when I update the photo I'll make sure to circle the spot I've been working on.
🌸UPDATE April 3,18: Probably a little more progress from last update.
🌸UPDATE May 1,2018- Used everytime I did my makeup, I should hit pan by this month.
**FINISHED GOAL Jan.11,2019: Pan hit.

NicoleApril 28, 2018

So what is this exactly you have a goal to hit pan and use it up by a certain date? Like what is the whole story of this I find it super fun and interesting!


@NicoleKristine Pretty much what you said, since I do have a more bigger collection then normal my items get left on the back burner so I try to make sure I use my products by setting goals and how far I would like to get with them.