💙GEMMA💙 💙GEMMA💙added December 30, 2017

*GOAL Dec.30,2017:I would love to finish both concealers
❌NYX HD Concealer:
*UPDATE Jan.16,2018: I have done well with this I am now almost having trouble getting more out of the tube, but once I pull the stopper out I should have at least a good amount of uses left
🐣UPDATE Jan.30,18: I am now having to scrap at the sides really good, going to pull the stopper out and see and go from there should for sure be done in the next few days.
🌸UPDATE April 3,18: Almost done few uses.
🏆FINISHED April 28,2018
❌UD Naked Concealer "Deluxe":
*UPDATE Jan.19,2018: I am having trouble getting anymore out, so I will be pulling out the stopper as well to finish up the last, which I would say about 5 uses maybe.
🐣UPDATE Jan.30,18: I am finishing up the last I having been mixing the NYX one with this one so it for sure should be done this month also the stopper is out which you get a lot more product out.
**FINISHED-April 3,18 🙌

NicoleApril 28, 2018

Me too! I think I may be using too much

NicoleApril 28, 2018

I got a few different shades bc I do have a bit of dark color under my eyes sometimes and my skin is like warm to natural undertones I think lol


@NicoleKristine lol OK, I would just add a little and then go from there and if more is needed you can always add more. I have dark circles too so I go in with a color corrector beforehand. YouTube has some amazing Beauty Gurus that can teach you as well since its more visual then by typing.