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Please please come chat here Publicly! Ranks Member - level 1 noob Officer - level 50 pro Admin - level 100,000,000 God more
ded man nicolaitstarted a discussion
you smoke?more
Lucas Hudsonstarted a discussion
hay I'm new to the group more
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I have removed @ossyboymore
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Iā€™m leaving the groupmore
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I want to applaud officer @gingernut05 for doing his job and removing @ossyboy from chatroom1more
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Guys I think @ossyboy is @osslop more
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What's your opinion on Osslope? more
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s k w e e tmore
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Officer hosting track #1 @gingernut05 you are now an officer! Check ur dms to see how to act officer Names that can fuck themselves: @osslope more
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Who wants to be officer? more
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Guys what's you favourite TV show? Mine is The office USmore
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If this becomes a chat room about Lego, I am out šŸ’ā€ā™‚ļømore
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Thank you Val who uploaded a great leak I haven't seen before! This Lloyd looks amazing! I'm thinking of B.A.P order! One thing, lego get a new face print 4 Lloyd! more
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Member is when you are a member and nothing else Officer is an admin that can only ban and remove fuckers Admin is just a fucking legendmore