so who else picked up the Final Fantasy 12 remake for pc the other day? (and/or pre-ordered FF15 windows edition)
steam version of ff12 for just a little over $30 USD has got to be pretty tempting to some of you

.ZH Kaneadded February 3, 2018
Daniel CFebruary 5, 2018

As someone who didnt like 12 back in the ps2 days i have to recommend checking out the zodiac age. Idk if its the improvements they made or just the fact that im older now but it quickly jumped up to my second favorite FF game.

.ZH KaneFebruary 5, 2018

I loved 12 back in the day and had been dying to replay it again for years but too lazy to pull out the ol ps2. really loving the zodiac changes and omg not having to be paranoid about losing the strongest weapon in the game by accidently opening the wrong chest

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