I have two things to share. First, I am involved in an ongoing project to preserve the tapes used by the Mego 2-XL toy robot (1978-1981) and the Tiger 2-XL toy robot (1992-1995). You can view our progress and find links to the archived audio here. I'm still working through digitizing my personal collection.


Second, I am working with the developer behind a browser-based 2-XL simulator to enable people to play with a virtual 2-XL robot. It was originally done in Flash some time ago, but he is now looking into remaking it in HTML5. While he is doing that, I am passing along my digitized tapes to increase the available library for his simulator.
Both sites are also great for other stuff.

David Butleradded February 2, 2020
David ButlerFebruary 2, 2020

If anyone wants to help out with the archiving effort, I would appreciate it, especially for tapes that were only released outside of the U.S. For the original Mego 2-XL, there are U.S. tapes (English), Mexico tapes (Spanish), and Canadian tapes (Mostly English, but evidence of at least one French tape). For the Tiger 2-XL, there are U.S. tapes, German tapes, Italian tapes, French tapes, U.K. tapes, and some Spanish-language tapes that may have been from Mexico or Spain. There is also a small clip floating around from an unknown Japanese tape, but nobody even knows which system it was used with, let alone which titles were released over there.

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