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This group is completelly focused on Nintendo and everything that revolves around it. Please maintain a peaceful environment, if not you wil be expelled from the group. Any post that is not connected to Nintendo or any of its franchises will be deleted.more
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Super Mitchie Game Y Tstarted a discussion20 hours ago

Who liked the direct and what was your favorite part?

Austin/ATNstarted a discussion22 hours ago

Check out our latest YouTube video!!!

Super Mitchie Game Y Tstarted a discussion8 hours ago
Austin/ATNstarted a discussionYesterday

Check out my joycon collection!! which colors should I get next???

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Scott Klausenstarted a discussionMonday

boxed Pokemon games from Japan

Houghton Yongestarted a discussionYesterday

Absolutely love this game

Scott Klausenstarted a discussionMonday

found a boxed Nintendo Virtual Boy in Tokyo!

Olistarted a discussionYesterday

Check it out

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Olishared their shelfYesterday
Nintendaro Incallitostarted a discussionMonday

Here’s my collection of videogame statues!

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Nintendaro Incallitostarted a discussionSaturday

Bought this game today for free giving in LEGO Jurassic World for Xbox One (which I paid 5€!) 😝😝😝😝

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Ryan Kanestarted a discussionSaturday

Such a good game...

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Joshua Dennettstarted a discussionThursday

Dark souls confirmed for the switch!!!!! This is soo great

Ronstarted a discussionThursday

The only games from the Nintendo direct that I'm interested in our Mario tennis aces, the world ends with you, and dark souls remastered.
I already have Donkey Cong country tropical freeze and Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U

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Joshua Dennettstarted a discussionJanuary 9, 2018

What are your guys predictions for the Nintendo direct in January 11th I'm thinking maybe a new animal crossing or Zelda Port and a sneak peak at Pokemon Switch:))😅

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@iNiXstarted a discussionJanuary 8, 2018

just got xenoblade chronicles 2

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Sammystarted a discussionJanuary 7, 2018

Should I buy an original Nintendo Entertainment System or an original Super Nintendo Entertainment System for my birthday? I’m leaning towards a NES. Your thoughts? 🤔🤔🤔

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Nerd Wizardstarted a discussionJanuary 5, 2018

Guys help to end an unwanted youtuber #ENDLOGANPAUL

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Dillon Hoyeshared their itemJanuary 5, 2018
Joshua Dennettstarted a discussionJanuary 4, 2018

What do you guys think about the Nintendo Switch being the fastest selling game console in US history!
I'd say it's so great because it hasn't even lived a year yet!😃

Nintendaro Incallitostarted a discussionJanuary 2, 2018

Here are all my amiibo figures! I don’t like to keep them sealed so I keep just the cardboard side of the box.

Nintendaro Incallitostarted a discussionJanuary 2, 2018

Here is a collection of my rarest items! All the signatures have been done in front of me and I have a picture for each to show that it’s true!

Ronstarted a discussionJanuary 2, 2018

Has anyone ordered 3 items and only 2 came in the Package and the tracking said all 3 were delivered.😞

@iNiXstarted a discussionJanuary 1, 2018

hey does anyone want a youtube channel banner if so message me something i can send it on and your youtube channel

Nintendaro Incallitostarted a discussionJanuary 1, 2018

Hello everyone and happy new year! Hope everybody had fun last night! What game do you wish Nintendo will announce/release this year? Mine is of course Animal Crossing for Switch!