Famgammer will have replacement game cards for Hallo Knight on the switch. The first batch only had part of the game on it and the new ones will have the full game on the game card, no download required.

Ronadded June 13, 2019
RonJune 13, 2019

lf you keep the game in good condition and still have the receipt you can exchange it in the future.

ohnoitschrisJune 13, 2019

That's interesting. Are they doing more printings of Hollow Knight going forward or are the full game versions just being printed for people who wanna do the exchange?
Reason I ask is because that reminds me of how one of the N64 Turok games had a nasty multiplayer bug and you could call in and exchange the cart for a bugfixed version. But, that bugfixed version could only be obtained that way, and now it's, I think, the most valuable N64 cart due to sheer rarity.

RonJune 14, 2019

@ohnoitschris l believe its all game cards going forward. Once they have the new versions they will only have those to sell.

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