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Breyer, Stone, Schleich, Julip, resins, and more! If you love model horses, this is the group for you.more
Justice Sarahstarted a discussion
Can y'all help me find him for a decent pricemore
Allisonstarted a discussion
Posting this guy on here because I would love to see him in a good home! I had so much fun making him and would love to see if he’s capable of being in the show ring considering I do not show my models! 💙💙more
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Kendrastarted a discussion
Hello! 😜 I’ve been collecting for 3-4 years! I went to BreyerFest 2018 but will not be attending again! I do pick ups each year haha. I recently downsized my collection of 250+ and now only have around 100! I’m a collector of expensive models as well as CopperFox and peterstonemore
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Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Anyone have any of the 30th anniversary celebration model minis for trade?more
Lone Ceder Stablesstarted a discussion
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Stormystarted a discussion
All models below will be listed! Message me for pictures and prices!more
Stormystarted a discussion
Pains me to sell these guys but I’m in need of cash :3 all will be listed on eBay! Message me for more pictures or info!more
Stormystarted a discussion
What class would you put this lady in? I have her as quarter horse :3more
Stormystarted a discussion
Shelves are temporarily down! Getting new photos yay!more
Stormystarted a discussion
New pon pon says hello 😋💁🏼‍♀️more
Stormystarted a discussion
Oh how much I love buying models from the UK and being hit with $100+ shipping 😛more
Liz Olcottstarted a discussion
Some new models for sale, all listed on ebay more
Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Anybody have vintage SMS for trade?more
allornadastudiosstarted a discussion
Hey y’all! As some of you may know, it’s my first year attending BreyerFest, so any tips of any sort would be greatly appreciated!more
@horselover101started a discussion
this pretty girl needs a show namemore
Stormystarted a discussion
Hello fellow model pony collectors! I’m stormy! I am a young collector of limited edition Breyers and copperfoxes! I have attached a few of my models below!more
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Miastarted a discussion
Hi I am new! I been collecting for 2 years! And I love it and I been going to Breyerfest for 2 years!more
Madison Scottstarted a discussion
Does anyone have Luna for sale? she has wolves on her sides.more
Mustardondapancakestarted a discussion
These lovely ponies just arrived!! Starting to paint some. Can’t wait!!! What other coats should I do??more
Oakystarted a discussion
So, I just bought a new bean! I'm super excited about this boi because he is a big grail of mine! It is my first buy off of model horse sales page so hopefully, it will go well! Just to calm my nerves a tad, has anyone purchased a model off of model horse sales page before? (Sorry I always get a ...more
HHorse_Studiosstarted a discussion
Who is going to breyerfest 2019!🐴🐴more
Oakystarted a discussion
Hey everyone! Unfortunately, I probably won't have a video out for the next few days due to some personal reasons. But anywho I decided to do a little fun poll in the meantime! Have you ever achieved a grail and if so who is it? If you haven't achieved a grail (or you just want to answer this que...more
Lexistarted a discussion
Hey everyone! I added a bunch of new horses to my sales! They need new homes ASAP! They are available for BreyerFest brick up as well! Message me if you are SERIOUSLY interested! Pal pal and USA only please💖💖💖more
Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Does anybody make pedigrees for their models? If you do or want to please DMme , because I will be making a shelf of models to "breed" with "studbucks" don't know how else to explain it please dm me for more information😊🐎more
Oakystarted a discussion
Breyer is killing me with North Star 😂😂 I adore the mold and his coloring is drop dead gorgeous *-* Watch as I waste a lot of money on a raffle pony 😂😂more
Andrea Hutzkystarted a discussion
I finally got this boy today! I'm in love with him. more
Lexistarted a discussion
Hey everyone!! I have some models for sale!! You can message me through Snupps but an easier way to reach me is through my Instagram account @eggobreyers💞💖more
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Nothing But Breyerstarted a discussion
Got fourth in my competition for my jumps. Pretty disappointing. I tied 3rd with someone, and then and there I knew I placed third; which was my goal. But, obviously that didn’t happen..more
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Andrea Hutzkystarted a discussion
I'm kinda mad since I was gonna get my ps this week and they haven't shipped him out yet. they said they would do it today....more
Nothing But Breyerstarted a discussion
Got this little cutie about two days ago! I love him so much! ❤️more