you know it's pretty messed up when you give someone friendly advice and they block you because of it , I mean it's just uncalled for especially when your just trying to help them out

Justin Yatesadded July 12, 2019
Justin YatesJuly 12, 2019

@tjknowles11 all I said was they might want to build up there trade binder first before deciding to trade with people especially if you only have 5 cards

Justin YatesJuly 12, 2019

@tjknowles11 plus I was nice about it and I told him I was gonna give him some friendly advice , yeah sure I didn't have a trade binder and my profile was a mess and all my stuff on here was all mixed up an everywhere but after a few days of having this app I sorted through my cards and made a trade binder although there wasn't a whole lot I at least had stuff to trade because I knew what I was getting into when I got on here .

JakeJuly 12, 2019

Guys, guys PLEASE not here, that’s what a private chat is for

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