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I’m having a squishy giveaway on my channel dog 4 ever because we just recently reached 500 subscribers!!! So if you’d like to enter the giveaway go comment on the video and follow the rules of the giveaway to get an entry!more
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My licenced 😂😂😂getting the ibloom toast soon can’t waitmore
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My replicas and commans should I get a 30 peice from amazon or eBay 👍more
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Here’s he squishy college going to be changed soon ☺️if you are looking for cheaper squishys go to somethingkawaii or modes4u 😀👍more
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Here is all my slimes not many but I may be getting more from modes4u or another shopmore
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Join my group fun kawaii squishiesmore
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Follow me if squishies are the bestmore
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please follow me! If you do I might do slime to!!!♡more
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if there is a justice you should get squishies theremore
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Hey going to the mall soon. Any suggestions for squishies I should get?more
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