So as a Yu-gi-oh newbie (kinda) I was wondering which structure deck you guys think I should get? which that's good to start off. Thank you all! Have a good one! Duel on!

Austin Weiss-Larocheadded September 23, 2020
Justin YatesSeptember 23, 2020

Well there's plenty of good ones like the new dino structure deck from a few years ago , the rocket dragon structure deck that came out last year and there's a new dragunity structure deck that's gonna be coming out at some point and there's a lot of other types of decks you could build but they are all kind of expensive so i would stick with the budget friendly versions like the ones i mentioned above

Austin Weiss-LarocheSeptember 23, 2020

@silverknight Thanks for replying! I'll definitely check them out! Have a good one!

Justin YatesSeptember 23, 2020

@Dueling_Artist_2004 Your welcome

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