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if you love squishy come join more
Chloe Farlandstarted a discussion
Yay guys I just hit 20 puni Maru !!! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Šmore
Pepa Wallerstarted a discussion
What one out of these is your favourite? I love them all 😊more
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Hollystarted a discussion
I just love squishies and I’m so happy to join this groupmore
kenma stanstarted a discussion
If you were to own one of these squishies, which would it be? A. Puni Maru Jumbo Banana B. Hello Kitty Donut (of your choice) C. Rilakumma Pancakes D. Jumbo Marshmelli E. Yummibear (of your choice) F. Marshmallow Kittenmore
PeeblesSquishiesstarted a discussion
What squishy should I make next???more
PeeblesSquishiesstarted a discussion
If anyone has a ibloom by an cat or Mr White that they would sell to me in the uk I’ll make an offermore
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Ellie!!started a discussion
Hi! You should check out my new amino! We will give you a shoutout + feature if you share! It’s called squishy Topia! http://aminoapps.com/c/SquishyTopiamore
Caitlynstarted a discussion
My only liecenced squishes πŸ˜‰What should I get next a expensive ibloom toast or 7 comman squishes 😨more
Grace Andersonstarted a discussion
Squishy collection πŸ˜€more
LuciaπŸŒ§πŸ“started a discussion
Does anyone have a cat because i made a group for cat ownersmore
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
thanks for everybody who followed me that you all very much for 113 followers can we get to woo befor Valentinemore
🌸Alyssa🌸started a discussion
My dream squishies are yummibears does anyone know how to or where to get one at a good pricemore
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How to enter the giveaway for this step 1 you have to follow me step 2 you have to wow evey post on my page step 3 then coment I did every thing than you can winmore
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
how to make fake snow for slime ingredients shving cream baking soda a bowl and a spoon poor backing soda in bowl then add shaving cream than mix for a log time than you got your self some fake snow more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
oh and what do youb guys want to be called let me know more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
Hey guys we are at 77 followers come on we can get to 100more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
when I hit 100 followers I will give this awaymore
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
the ace family or that YouTube family more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
guys logan or Jake more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
guys if you get me to 120 followers on here I will order a package on my channel on YouTube it is called lareyna salazar but do you want me to buy slime or squishy or both let me knowmore
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go subscribe today to mine and my sister you tube channel and my channel mine is called lareyna salazar mine and my sister is S5 bean bolzed I just leaned you to a vid because it will not pop up if it just At pls like sub and sharemore
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Hey me and my sister have a channel can you subscribe it is called S5more
Squishy Gymnaststarted a discussion
Join my group Squishies 2.0more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
if you got r ok pick 24 small squishy or 1 jumbo squishy more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
What do you prefer A glitter slime B crunchy slime C squishy D jiggly slime E fluffy slime more
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
what do you prefer A Cafe DN B puni Maru C replicasmore
Lareyna salazarstarted a discussion
if any body want to trade tell memore
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hit get me to 70 followers so I can beat 999pink fluffy more
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