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If you like anything yugioh you should join Tell your story about how you learned about yugioh No profanities but other than that no rulesmore
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Justin Yatesstarted a discussion
everyone watch out Damien Paris Robinson is going by the name cywang82 nowmore
Justin Yatesstarted a discussion
I got all of these packs in the mail today more
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Mutazz Mutazzstarted a discussion
Is anyone trading or selling 2 survival of the fitest or 2 double evolution pills more
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Jonstarted a discussion
Updated trade binder please message me for any questions 👍🏻more
Justin Yatesstarted a discussion
I've got a danger chupacabra for sale contact me if your interested more
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looking for a stargazer magician and astrograph sorcerer trying to build a pendulum magician deck.odd eyes pendelum dragon and also fire wall dragon looking for those cards. willing to trade for those cards. message me as soon as possible more
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Duelist Kingdomshared their shelf
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sorry i haven't been able to talk recently my phone broke and got a new one recently and just haven't been able to re-download the app but i'm back nowmore
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hello people I've been playing yugioh since 7th grade starting out with a HERO deck that I still have and update to this daymore
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What are everybody’s main deck, and favorite card?more
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I started when I was about 5 and I watched yugioh 5ds then I started collecting the cards then I watched all of the yugioh seriesmore