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¤ Sculptors and Painters ¤ Share other artists' work or your own! This is a hate and drama free group!more
Val Breyer Lover🐴started a discussion
Hey does anyone know where you can get traditional bodies to customizemore
Horseloverkristenstarted a discussion
Do you guys know anyone who's good at making chestnuts?more
Champion Ridge Stablesstarted a discussion
Hello everyone! Here's a little Icelandic I'm working on at the moment. Q: What is your dream Breyer resculpt? A: Mine would be a Ruffian made to a walking TB. more
allornadastudiosstarted a discussion
Estimate of how much it'd cost for a deal bay dartmoor mare custom? thanks!more
Champion Ridge Stablesstarted a discussion
Hi, everyone! Here is a color I was testing out. Thoughts? It looks super yellow on camera. more
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Champion Ridge Stablesstarted a discussion
If you could get a commission from any model horse artist, who would it be from? What would the commission look like? (mold, color etc.)more