As new, hyper rare and huge collection for sale: 19 sets in MINT condition of pokemon cards that came after 1999 in unique, perfect and as new, which nowhere else can find. Is a holy grail of pokemon cards.
In this collection there are many special cards like First Edition cards, PreRelease cards, special cards, secret cards, Reverse Holo cards, three stars of rarity, etc...
12 normal sets + 7 promotional sets
This is a rare opportunity to get the collection of pokemon cards most wanted by many collectors around the world.

It is a "must have" for collectors and Pokemon Fans!

Normal Sets
Base Set 102/102
Jungle Set 64/64
Fossil Set 62/62
Base 2 Set 130/130
Team Rocket Set 83/82
Gym Heroes Set 132/132
Gym Challenge Set 132/132
Neo Genesis Set 111/111
Neo Discovery Set 75/75
Neo Revelation Set 66/64
Neo Destiny Set 113/105
Legendary Set 110/110

Promo Sets
Promo Black Star Set 54/54
Promo W Stamp Set 7/7
Pikachu World Collection Set 9/9
Promo Holo Energy Set 8/8
Southern Islands Set 18/18
Best Of Game Set WINNER VERSION 9/9
XY: Kanto Gym Badge Set Pokemon League Stamp 8/8 (XY203-XY210) + Pikachu XY202 Pokemon League Stamp

68 Pikachu cards in MINT CONDITION (all Pikachu cards of sets in English not present in the 19 mentioned sets)

The cards are archived in two hyper rare "Wizards of the Coast - Pokemon trading card game" cases, each worth $50. Inside the covers the cards are archived in Ultra Pro 9-pocket pages.

Grading Information: MINT - Almost perfect cards, visually like pack fresh cards.

I sell it for: $18000-$16000

Please feel free to ask any questions like if you want to see all pictures of collection!

Rodriguesadded November 26, 2017
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