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Omg guys I got this super legit package in the mail
Check this out if you like Dark Souls!

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Is there any difference in the Blue Exorcist Kyoto saga and the regular Blue Exorcist?

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Finally put all the 191 manga I've completed. Ranks for every single one of them are in the description. If you're curious about any ranking or manga you can leave a comment on the manga although I cannot promise you I'll remember it well.

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Good morning everyone I have great news!!!!!

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So I need to read one manga in each condition. I tried to do this challenge last year and failed miserably, doing only 16 out of 49 categories. This year I'm hoping to do better, with only 30 categories as well. If you have any manga that fits a category that you want to suggest, please do, I hav...

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Which is your favourite manga/anime?
It's really hard for me to pick just one (Oyasumi Punpun, One Piece, Omoide Emanon and 20th Century Boys could easily be on the
#1 spot), but Love Hina is the only manga I ever read 3 times, I really don't even read a manga twice that often. It just cheers me ...

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Any who's good with mmd hit me up i need help with my vrchat avatar.

muchly appreciated

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if you follow me i follow back. Im competing with theofficialweeb.

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who hates anime on dub

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who wants to follow me

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who plays dokkan if you do please tell version dosent matter I play jp

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Who here knows @cutegirl101

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One my favorite series is RoZen Maiden
I wonder what would happened if they did cross over with Rozen Maiden and sailor moon ??

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Have anyone seen your lie in april it sad it made my cry 😭

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What's your favorite anime?

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Hey guys I just started a group is call Fashion beauty and anime.Share all your stuff so far I have to members.if I can get to 20 members it will be a Christmas gift 🎁 to me Thanks guy and I hope you join.We will have challenge.Foe more info gust text me bye guys have a great day.

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Just a reminder my next fan Q&A is coming up and the Dead line is December 24th
Leave your questions in the comments below.