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Post your artwork on this or your awesome cards ask others to joinmore
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Now I am still working on umberon sorry for delay there were many homework and quizzes so i had to stop clay crafting for some time. That is my Pokemon shelf, hope you like it. Remember to wow and watch. See you!more
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Join my group everythingmore
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have a look in my Pokemon artmore
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Hey guys any ideas for a pokemon in clay?;)more
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I hope you like it. more
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http://snupp.it/J6tlJx join artist lovers!!more
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I love Pokemon. I love drawing them but I’ll probably draw less of other people drawings and do my own this huge decision I made, I’ll still like comment and occasionally draw other people stuff but I want draw my own stuff nowmore
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This may have nothing to do with art but it’s coolmore
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It doesn’t matter if it is hand drawn or put together online just post if you want tomore