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Hi guys! I’m new here so I wanted to meet some lps people! I love looking at peoples collections and I hope you have fun here!more
Lps Twinklestarted a discussion
Hi ❤ please join my group called LPS show the love ❤ I would mean a lot to me !! 😢😁😁😁😁🐱more
Lps Twinklestarted a discussion
Mine are Shorthair Catsmore
Comatosestarted a discussion
I haven't put most my collection on here yet but it's pretty small like 74 pets :( either way I'm new. And no I won't be trading, I want LPS but don't wanna give what I have upmore
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Hello! What’s your guys favorite lps? Please include the lps’s number. But you don’t have to :)more