Do you think Activision will make Skylanders 7 in 2018?

Will Allanadded December 31, 2017
Poloshirtfan91 GamingJanuary 11, 2019

@SkyComNerd793 I think they should just keep it as a TV Show. I think that some of the fans like myself have grown up and have moved away from Skylanders. Yes I know other people want it to come back & I know it’s popular it’s whether & like Disney Infinity & Lego Dimensions it has ran out of ideas it couldn’t compete with today’s market. The only reason why Nintendo is Succeeding is because they don’t need ideas for games they just make the Figures.

I got spyros when i was 8 man (15 now) and its been my childhood iys got me through some real tough stuff and i know @mkArron it has to die and tbh it kinda feels like imaginators completes it but its just hard to see something you love leave but yeah maybe they could make a skylanders academy movie

Poloshirtfan91 GamingJanuary 12, 2019

Same here I’m 15 & I got Giants when I was 9. Yeah it was good while it lasted but now Something new needs to happen like a movie

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