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hi i. kailyn im getting a bulldog can u guess which onemore
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i only got 48 LPS😂😂more
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I only have 8 lps but I'm fetrmend to get more lps are life love themmore
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Hey Guys. I'm super excited to be in this group!!! more
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Hey every pet! I’m getting a new lps short haired cat and Great Dane who can guess which ones?more
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Can u subscribe to my YouTube channel called Snazzy artmore
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Am i the only one, who has the problem that my parents don‘t know which Lps they should buy me for christmas bcs they don‘t know which ones i have got, so you need to pick up somes by yourself and they come first after christmas?🤨😂😵more
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Also you can check out my shelf's if you wantmore
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Hi everyone!Welcome to the LPS gang when we can post LPS pics and questions about LPS.I hope you enjoy!!!!!😄more