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aqua doodz for life! here we talk about pokemon or anything pokemon! and we are those nasty magma maggots rivals! you can trade buy and sell cards here! let's try to get to 100 members! you can message me at @emerald_lucario for any questions!more
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Hey you guys are almost at 70 members nice workmore
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Join my Pokémon Card Group! (If you want to..)
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Alexander A. Vitisstarted a discussion Hay guys! I just made another cool new group! Read the description, and if you want to, join!😋more
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ask for prices etc. AUD and $ come off eBay AUS sold listings. Paypal needed.more
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Moimoi510shared their shelf
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looking to trade or buy 3 mega venusaur ex with crisis vine and 1 venusaur ex. 3 typlosion from breakthrough and 3 talonflames from steam seigemore
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Looking for hyper rare charizard please if anyone has this card for trade to message me, this card driving me crazymore
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Is this worth much I pulled it and it looked weird so I put it in a sleevemore