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The main Pokémon Hub for sharing your Pokémon collection. Message me @PokemonGod for any questions. Make sure to report anyone who is mistreating rules or being rude. Also remember to always love Pokemon!more
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it's better than Pokemon in my opinionmore
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Yes! My first ever rainbow rare just happens to be exactly the one I wanted. Anyone else loving the Shining Legends set?more
JJ Collectablesstarted a discussion Newest video is now up. Come check out my opening of 2 booster boxes. This is paet 1 or 8 i made So see the amazing pulls i got 😁. please subscribe like comment i sub back to everyonemore their item
JJ Collectablesstarted a discussion new video up. have more to post soon. a elite trainer box a booster box 4 parts come check out the amazing pulls plz subscribe like and comment i sub to everyone that commentsmore
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Happy New Years!more
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New pulls!more