Thought I'd share something a little different this time.
Back during the production of the first Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA Japan and SEGA of America had very different ideas of what Sonic WAS as a commodity. The American branch had quite a lot of say in basics of Sonics design and other areas, but the two areas didn't exchange a huge amount of information past the basics. This led to such minor issues as Dr. Eggman versus Dr. Ivo Robotnik, which later games ironed out into a single storyline.
As such, SEGA of America went ahead and created their own backstory to Sonic and explained several key plot points away with a bizarre story of rotten eggs, Chaos Emeralds, and Dr Ovi Kintobor. It was actually used in the English Sonic the Comic as the backstory as well.
There is a link on the product page to the full document, which is a really weird but interesting short story.

Michael Thompsonadded December 20, 2018
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