So the first trailer for Sonic has dropped. Prepare yourself: it's bizarre.
-Jim Carrey is on top ridiculous form
-The elevator scene
-The after trailer sting
-Sonic is an alien
-Sonic causes a global blackout and Robotnik is sent to catch him. Essentially, Sonic is the villain
-Robotnik acting like a robot is horrible and on-the-nose
-Since when did Sonic's rings ever do that??
-Sonic is literally too fast for anything to be a believable threat after the missile scene
-Literally everything about Sonic's design

Michael Thompsonadded April 30, 2019
Michael ThompsonApril 30, 2019

Extra lowpoint: Gansta's Paradise? Really? How does that fit a single piece of this trailer?

JLN The FinderMay 1, 2019

Im intrigued by it,yeah the plot seem simple and the trailer song made no sense,but i like it for one it looks funny even tho the humors a bit used but the big one being its not a stupid reboot,sonic looks fine to me,how real or not real do you want him to look honestly so he dosnt have gloves does he really need them not really,he shouldnt technically need shoes lol,oh and the ring thing the games did it theyd port you to bonus areas and such don't know how he controls them thats new,not sure if hes an alien dosnt really clarify it,but technically he would be even if he came from another alternative world hes a anthro hedgehog,jim Carreys voice couldla been more menacing but maybe that comes after becoming true robuttnic,idk it looks fun imma watch it.

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