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For anyone who is a fan of Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu. Whether you collect sets, minifigues, trading cards and so much more, join the Snupps Lego Ninjago community.more
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Hey everyone I am going to buy a Lego Ninjago figure today and I don’t know which one so do you guys have any recommendations?more
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I want to diemore
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If you like Fortnite come to my group it is called Fortnite the game that was s coolmore
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I have all this stuffmore
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my new lego ninjago set =))))more
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Whos enjoying the S.O.G so far I'm loving it can't wait till summer with the release of the season 9 sets and the supposed "Golden Master" I think it's sensei Wu myself as what they said in the S.O.G about the time blades more
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Who else is on the app because of spit brix?more
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I like themmore
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Join LEGO NEWS 📰🖋 and get exclusive info about 2018 setsmore
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