my new contest!
Wedding Day!
this isnet really happing im too young to get married XD.
Rules: Draw ur oc's outfit for Dove and Nightshade's weading!
Extra challange! Make a weading dress for Dove and/or a suit for Nightshade.
Due on October 20th
Prizes are the same as the rainbow power contest.
You cant win the same prize!
Have Fun!

Strawberry Dreamadded September 20, 2018
Sr_DrawsALotSeptember 21, 2018

And I am going to try to draw the suit and dress for them!

Strawberry DreamSeptember 21, 2018

@cealyflower ok! Cant wait!

Sr_DrawsALotSeptember 21, 2018

@KittyClaws I sent it to you!

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