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SpaceMan10started a discussion
Hi (Sorry Noah) it would be pretty nice if some of y’all could sub to me, I’m at 60 subs and I wanna get to 75-100 subs by the end of the year.more
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Frankstarted a discussion
hey guys i want my channel to keep growing and i would really appreciaite if u subbed to my channel!(TheReal Gosigna)more
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Hey Guys I’m needing to sell my account, anyone interested in buying it? My name is Corey Parker and I’m the original owner of the account, genuine seller account contains og skull trooper from s1 and ikonik, Eon, dark vertex, ikonik... just have a look yourself.more
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credit goes to the awsome Pikachu go follow them on Twittermore
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Mint Juice Gamingstarted a discussion
I am not making fortnite logos anymore.more
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Username- bold_captain122 Pls send me a friend requestmore
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Hey guys please go follow me on twitch, my user is XD_Tacocatmore
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I made a Group"Fortnite 9 Team" So go join it
Mint Juice Gamingstarted a discussion
I am making fortnite logos just tell me the skin,colour and name for the logo (FREE)more
William Smithstarted a discussion
hey guys I'm just wondering if someone would like to teach me how to be better at Fortnite also I'm on Xbox onemore
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Pls gift this to memore
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Hey can u help my insta me and my friend started a clan Called “ACE” and if u could please go help us grow it would be appreciated @aceclanorg Also if ur interested in joining dm us and we’ll get u a try out😁thanksmore
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Can you all go follow my Instagram and help me get to 1000 followers to get a support a creator @bradon_u_ PLEASE!!!!!!!more
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Boi the burst msg is beastmore
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Why does no one menttions season 9?more
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SpaceMan10started a discussion
I have a YouTube channel and I’m not sure what more fortnite things to post on it anymore,they need to be 10 min or less,plz helpmore
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Fortnlte is the best game👍more
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Manolo Delos Santosstarted a discussion
Who wants to play Fortnite give me your username if you want to playmore
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I’m good I can do 90s and all of that add me if you want my username is sparkzzzzzzzzzz or blaze blaze blazmore
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anyone copping lava legends I may bemore
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Anyone want to play fortnite I’m pretty good my username is shadowplayz211 add me 👍more
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SpaceMan10started a discussion
Xbox and Epic: EliteTerror9688more
StressedGeniusstarted a discussion
I am not that good but if you guys want to play Fortnite with me my username is StressedGeniusmore