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Show everyone your GX cards here by posting them, or post your GX card shelf. more
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I am back. After a long time off, I'm back on snupps. And to be honest, I forgot about this place. Well, keep posting GX cards!more
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what your favorite GX?more
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I have officially lost my marblesmore
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Do you have some cool MEE6 Discord Bot custom command ideas that you want to share? Share the ideas here: http://snupp.it/cHrx5Ymore
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I will be deleting EVERY spam comment (advertising comments, etcetera)more
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If there's at least a GX card in the photo... put it here as long everyone can see it!more
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All my GX cardsmore
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This group is ONLY for GX Pokémon cards!more
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If you LOVE the TCG then join the Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/bb6Es5a Post your GX cards in the channel #gx-cards (MEMBER category)more
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Welcome to the Pokémon GX Card Collections Group on Snupps! Post your GX cards here, (or your GX shelf) so others can see your COOL GX's!!!more
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