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In this group you can do whatever you want share ask questions get to know each other and be friends a nice good place to talk about squishys to fans ♥️more
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Jumbo Squishymore
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Selling these at a cheap pricemore
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My first homemade squishy!more
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Please read the description and message me if your interestedmore
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Any ideas for what squishy I should make next???more
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If anyone has a ibloom by an cat or Mr White that they would sell to me in the uk I’ll make an offermore
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Kirby Squishies❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍more
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Hi guys! I just made a Sanrio squishy group!!!!! If u love Sanrio squishies, or plushies, then this group is perfect for u! I really hope u join and like the group!more
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Have an obsession of squishies? Join the group ❤️~Squishy Hoarders~❤️ to post your amazing collection, and remember, paper or foam, licensed or common, store bought or homemade, we always appreciate them on the group of hoarders❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘more
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Just posted some sales!more
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Hi guys I am new to this app! And just Recently joined this groupmore
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Hey guys I just joined this group, so I am particularly new, so yeah....... Check out my squishy Collection and Wishlist!!!!!!! Sadly I can’t link my whole account soooo yeah if you are interested in my collection just tap on my profile👍🏻more
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Does anyone have a ibloom cheese cake for salemore
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hi my name is Gisell I like squishies and slimemore
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Hi my name is Shelby but my nickname is Shell. I am 11 I have a YouTube channel called Sugar Bunnies. Make sure you subscribe. I am new to this community. I love Squishies.more
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Hi Im new my name is Nadine but call me Nad im 11 and I have a yt channel named Nadine Beauty so go check out please and I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Squishies and art love youuuumore
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does anyone have a ibloom cat or one of those bear pancakesmore
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Guys where can I find you box shop and deco may shop squishies?more
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I am sorry and sad to say this but I will be leaving Snupps I am the creator of this group you might of realised that I haven’t been posting recently I am ten and realy need to say goodbye to Snupps I will still collect squishys in the future and I will still keep collecting .Please keep this gro...more
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Hey, went to Kmart today and found out that they have such cheap, soft and slo rising squishies! I love 💕 Kmart!more
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I would love to know how to do a review package does anyone know 😊more
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This is my favorite squishy right now!more
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Can someone join my group plz it’s called squishies forevermore
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