HOOOIIII! I had an idea like " Making a Contest".
Opposite Harmony Contest.
This is the explications:
You draw your OC with her/his Element of Harmony with Her/his opposite form( the evil or the dark side of your OC)
rules are simple:
1.Create your Own Element of harmony. i mean, you CANT take the same element as the Mane Six. create your OWN one.
2. You need to tell me in comments if you join.
3.Put my @ name when you finish ( tags me)
4. the contest will finish the July 5 ( if you ask or do not have time i can do something)
5. Have fun 😁

@MoonyBooadded June 24, 2018
@MoonyBooJune 24, 2018

@ScarletDiamondPonies @Muffinpony06 Good luck 😉

Muffin (Mia)June 24, 2018

@WolfGamer24 thx

Breyergirl 99June 25, 2018

I have one question before I enter: are we basically making a discorded version of our oc's? Like the episode of mlp where discord made the main six different? I will enter tho

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