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Share your gear and show off your work.more
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💕Hey everyone,🤯 I'm selling this amazing kit for £1000 if somebody interested just give me a shout🤗more
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Watch Photography 101? I’m not a newbie to shooting in general as I have been at it for nearly 40 years. I just started shooting watches with available lighting and BAM... “newbie-again” I shot this image with my Fuji XT1, 60mm F2.4 macro on a Gitzo tripod, using a black card to knock out the ref...more
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What's a good but cheap beginner camera?more
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Welcome to the Snupps Photography group! Share your VSCO username in this post to keep the feed tidy.more
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Looking to see if anyone else has wrestled one of these before.more
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Do you guys have any medium format cameras? Show us your gear.more
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What camera would you guys recommend for a beginner?more
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I really love the Gold Pop9more
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Two weeks of waiting for this baby, now it has ended!more
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What bags do you guys recommend? I need something comfortable, relatively small and not overpriced.more
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I need to upgrade some of these...more
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Check out my gear! This is what I use to shoot portraits and aerialmore