Hello, long time no talk! Have you all had a good summer? Any rememorable live show experiences to go with that good summer? Does anyone have any questions, or possibly some occurances from a past show you'd like more insight to? Please comment down below and here's to a Happy Fall! 🍁

Ashleyadded September 26, 2018
EmilySeptember 26, 2018

I have my first show next weekend, any last minute tips? What kind of information is on the horse list that you hand into the show holder?

AshleySeptember 28, 2018

@EmStonge Usually the list you hand in to the show holder will include all the names, breeds, genders, finish (orugibal finish, custom, artist resin, etc)for all the models you will be showing. It should also include your name, region exhibitor number (if you have one), physical address and email address. It'll also include tag numbers for your horses if you have those.

AshleySeptember 28, 2018

Some regions, like region 10, have an online "tag manager" system that allows you to input every model's tag online as a result print off your tags as well as a horse list.

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