im gonna post this on alot of groups so sorry if this gets repetitive. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH @/breyer.addict ON INSTAGRAM. i believe she has a facebook but im not sure as i dont. she pays people with an eCheck and then revokes it once the horse ships. she is targeting americans because they are at a disadvantage and they wont be able to get their horse or money back.

sassylittleponiesadded May 4, 2018
DaBreyerEventerMay 22, 2018

This girl is on Snupps as well, she has the same username shown above. She has been blocked from this group, but she may rejoin with a different name. Please be cautious when dealing with her.

BreyerloverMay 24, 2018

Someone needs to give her a piece of their mind. She is a creep and that is not okay

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