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A fun community of cardfighters to share their collection, favorite card, etc.more
Amirul Azhanstarted a discussion
Anyone interested with an old stride cross ride Shadow Paladin Raging Form Dragon Full Build? I'm planning to let it gomore
Adam James Clarkstarted a discussion
Would anyone be interested in a trail deck and 4 dragoic cards??? If so pm me and I will give u a price by the way I'm selling them as one bolk not separate just sayingmore
Shiyota Achilliesstarted a discussion
selling singles and decks just pmmore
Jedrzej Derastarted a discussion
Hello, I use Royal Paladins.more
Darion Maugerstarted a discussion
Selling collectionmore
Bill Parinishared their shelf
Fikristarted a discussion
Hai I am a gear chronicle playermore
Brian Williamsstarted a discussion
hey which clan do yall think was hit hardest by gyzemore
@JMCMJstarted a discussion
Hello I'm a Oricle Think Tank usermore
Colben Fowlerstarted a discussion
Hello friends and fellow vanguard fans, I'm a messiah link joker usermore
ドナバンstarted a discussion
Updates on commons from Ultimate Stride booster box. Do follow me for regular updates. Thanks and leave a wow (:more
Jericho Mont Crossshared their item
Jericho Mont Crossstarted a discussion
Just ordered 2 boxes of Awakening of Twin Blades and 1 box of Transcension of Blade and Blossommore
Ronanshared their item
Kikicatmeowstarted a discussion
Jericho Mont Crossshared their shelf
@JMCMJstarted a discussion
My only SPmore
Fadel Putrashared their shelf
@JMCMJshared their shelf