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This is a group to report unsuccessful trades or buys. Let’s help together and make this place free of scammers 💔 First and always this group is not here to judge. It’s a place to make people aware that something went wrong and should give a chance to both of proof. Important rules: 1) always try to reach out to the person and give enough time to response before you post a complaint. There are many reasons WHY someone can’t replay that fast. 2) if you report a possible scammer please tag him/her together with the post so this person is aware and can react in case of an false accuse. 3) if you report and you can’t tag the reported user - make sure you have an evidence. No one should be blamed for nothing. (e.g. Screenshots of messages)more
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Hi guys follow me on Instagram jamespettiinato for a chance to win a hyper rare charizardmore
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I feel bad for everyone that got scammed😢more
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I was scammed I think, the person Leadkrm said they would send it but they never did they weren’t fast at replying but they did not eventually message me saying things about there divorce they there Ex sent it they asked me about a location saying something I wasn’t near they aren’t on the app th...more
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Scarvileshared their Moment
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the real proof that scarvile scammore
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A few simple rules to trade more successful ❤️ 1) if you trading/buying a high value card ask for a picture with the date and name on a piece of paper next to it. 2) if you haven’t done successful trades before with this person it’s always highly recommend to pay with PayPal and goods & service...more
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Sharing for @Eliodeclausel as this user is not in the group yet to share. It seems that Cj’s account don’t fulfill a trade. However no evidence yet. But there are several users who said he tried to trade with them. So guys be aware and ask twice before you trade with Cj’s. If someone is in contac...more
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hey there was something someone said about CJ's Pokemon about him not giving him his card back or something look it up its on most peoples pages u may have to scroll down a bit thoughmore