which special runs are you guys planning on getting at breyerfest?? i know i want By a Nose, Julep and Pim, Dark Horse Surprise, and Straight Bet!

HorsesSoaringHighadded June 26, 2018
Breyergirl 99June 26, 2018

If I could go, I would totally get By a nose, dark horse surprise, dead heat, julep and pim, and possibly more!

sassyponsJune 26, 2018

im not going, but i’m hoping to get straight bet and a surprise model or two (if i like it) after

AllisonJune 26, 2018

By a Nose, Straight Bet, and the dark horse surprise! (And since I’ll have to go through the line a second time just to get one....I might get Inari too!

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