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Yo. Wadup. Hey. How you doing? Welcome to my Group where I'll be posting my Menswear Fashion & Lifestyle collections. You can expect to find anything from the realm of streetwear to a more 'classical' menswear attire - would love to see you stick around and show your support!more
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What’s your opinion on these?more
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Does sangiev still post here? Coz his grailed account link doesn't work anymore and I really want an id on that navy Sherpa collar cord jacket he wore on his instagram. His Sherpa collar leather jacket is so sick too! Wish I knew which brand it is.more
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Hey guys I’m new to Snupps. Big fan of Sangiev’s style. Want to share those bad boys I got during New Years - 50% off at if you want to copmore
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Guys I need a major favour! I have this pair of Dries van Noten pants I picked up in Antwerp this summer. They are a old pair, Made In Belgium, but I can not for my life find from what year they are. I regret not asking the store owner... They are a high waisted trouser. Wool/cashmere blend. St...more
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Yo I know this is a stretch but does anyone know where to find that picture of Sanj in his blush CPs, burgundy socks, black trousers, white tee, and burgundy beanie? I’ve been digging through all his videos and can’t seem to find it. Any help would be awesomemore
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selling no box buy through our EBAY store all brand new fast and free shipping in all of are item message or comment to buy nowmore
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for sale brand new free shipping Nintendo super mario bros 85 large $27.99 Michael Jackson Off the Wall vintage style T-shirt size x-large only $17.99 90s hey Arnold 'SQUAD' t-shirt size 3xl only $14.99 click the link to buy
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Can I wear a chain over a turtle neck jumper for my suit? I will be attending a formal party and I can't decide if I should do it or not.more
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Can I get opinions on the jacket I made ?more
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Yo guys! Do you know what is the entire lenght (from the highest to the lowest point) of the CK205W39NYC x Andy Warhol Electric Chair knitwear in red/white? Also is it in stock anywhere online? TIAmore
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Ay just copped this new gosha piece. thoughts on my fit?more
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Hey guys ! 🤙🏼 Just bought a pair of leather soles boots. I am wondering if I should have a cobbler attach a thin rubber sole, to ensure the sole lasts longer. I live in Denmark and it gets quite cold and wet in the winter. What are your thoughts ?more
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Moving into fall/autumn. What summer pieces will you guys miss, or not miss?more
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Gosha sweater from a couple years back. Very soft very nice, fits like a relaxed medium. 8/10 condition, there is a bit of fading in some areas. I’m sure you can easily re-dye it if you want. Lookin to get $150 shipped. Open to offers. Message me on IG: barackollama__more
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Bomber, forget which season. Fits a medium. Nice material great quality. Message me for any questions. My instagram is: barackollama__ Lookin to get 260, shipped. Open to offers, please no low ballsmore
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out of my comfort zone here... thoughts?more
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Anybody know a place for good, cheap, wide-leg trousers?more
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Just Got this new ring. What are your thoughts on it?more
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Hey Guys, I am looking to sell these beautiful CalvinKlein205W39NYC Western boots. They are brand new, never been worn and still smell like Raf. 🔥 They are a size 45 (sorry Sangie 🤷🏼‍♂️), all black calf leather. Some of the best craftsmanship I’ve seen from major retailers, all put together ...more
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Hi guys! I have a guick question. Are the Issey Miyake Homme plisse pants available somewhere in size 4JP. If so, where can I find them online (I am thinking about the straight leg, black pants. The ones that are on Ssense for example). TIAmore
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Hey boys and girls! This is my first day at Snupps, and I wanted to show my outfit to y’all. What do you think? Something I could have done differently?more
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hey guys I recently bought a bape tee and while I thought it was great in store I'm now confused as too how I can match it with they style sangiev has more
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I need a place for some good harness boots. Was hoping someone here could recommend me something (hopefully not too expensive, I’m still in school and don’t have too much “money to splash”).more
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Im a photographer and a fashion guy,i would appreciate it so much if some of you would follow my ig account which is this :@_.o.n.i Thank you PS : im not an hypebeastmore
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These fukin groups have been infiltrated by hype beasts ffs. Any groups yall can recommend for fashion that's not hypebeasty. thanks?more