Hey guys,
as you can see I have this lovely new Tudor GMT.
however if you look closely, it's 6.00 sharp and yet the hour hand is slightly behind, just very very slightly. it's does the same at every hour. I have calculated and it's falls actually 2min behind even if you can barely see it.
Also the GMT hand is very very slightly ahead.
I heard this is a recurrent thing with Rolex/Tudor GMT movements.
if you have a Tudor GMT can you take a look on your watch and check if it's the same for you ?
You might want to use a magnifying glass since it's very very tiny.
but nonetheless ...
Finally how many seconds per day does you Tudor watch take and fall behind. mine is zero or maybe less than a second behind.

Muchadded January 15, 2020
@stumpelriltzchenJanuary 22, 2020

Hmm ... the sec hand us precisely at 12, but the min is not. If you moved the min hand slightly to the right, the hour hand will also slightly move forward.
But honestly, I think you are complaining on a rather high level here. If you need magnification to spot it, it is not a real fault, I would say.

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