I AM SO SORRY GUYS! I am quitting this account. As you may know, I am getting older and stopping to like these toys. I have been playing with these when I was extremely young and now am thinking to stop. I am sorry for this unfortunate news. I AM NOT STOPPING YOU GUYS FROM PLAYING WITH LPS. I just will not. This is a very sad moment I know and I am sorry. Thank you for all my supporters and for joining this group! I really appreciate it. If you want to see my new account on Snupps It is: TheGamingTube.

Lps4lifeadded March 9, 2019
Lps4lifeMarch 9, 2019

I'M SO SORRY GUYS! 😪 😫 😰 😱😭 😦 😧 😨 😩😓 😔😥 😞 😟 😢 😿

XimenaMarch 31, 2019

I understand

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