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Welcome Beyblade fans! Here, you can view my ENTIRE collection of Beyblades. My collection is ever growing so this group will be constantly updated with new Beyblade parts. Feel feel to share your collection, too!more
Blader#1started a discussion
Hello my name is Brayden I just followed JoJo and joined the group I know a little about beyblades and my birth day is coming up so I am looking forward to getting beyblades I am 8 years old right now.JOJo can you teach me more about combos and stuff like thatmore
Baybladstarted a discussion
what I ownmore
mikael12345started a discussion
does anyone have more beyblade combo? more
@Dank_Meme_Danstarted a discussion
I wonder how sprighan requiem would do with atomic driver on.more
Gabriel Peranostarted a discussion
Dose anyone have a Hasbro reivie pheonix? If so would anyone trade it?more
Travis Michaiah Smithstarted a discussion
Comment your best beyblade in your collection more
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Maxbox360noshared their shelf
Bra1zil0started a discussion
JoJo how and where did u get the gold Achillesmore
Just Jstarted a discussion
What do u guys personally think about gatchi do you think new tournament systems will be made or Certain parts are allowed to be used and some notmore
Jacquelineshared their shelf
Jacquelinestarted a discussion
That is all my switch Strike Hasbro beys more
maruttistarted a discussion
Hi I'm Marutti. I'm one of Japanese beytuber. Nice to meet you. My ch My WBO
Kylestarted a discussion
The Rail Rush Battle Set just arrived at Target in America.more
Unban Manaweststarted a discussion
Good combo?more
Dragon Clawstarted a discussion
Merry Christmas everyone :)more
Maxbox360noshared their item
Elias Lopezstarted a discussion
check out my YouTube channel Tomas lopezmore
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Kylestarted a discussion
Spiral Treptune T4 QR Codemore
Maxbox360noshared their shelf
Skylar's Beybladesstarted a discussion
I love Orion more
Skylar's Beybladesshared their item
Skylar's Beybladesshared their item
Skylar's Beybladesshared their item
Skylar's Beybladesstarted a discussion
Orion is the best metal saga bey ever more
Benstarted a discussion
Finally picked these up, now I need the beys to go with them! more
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Meliodas Meliodasstarted a discussion
done with the stickers more
Meliodas Meliodasstarted a discussion
finally more
Kylestarted a discussion
Who has Sprial Treptune in the Beyblade Burst app? If you don't then hmmm. Just scan V3 but part of the code is cutted outmore
Dragon Clawstarted a discussion
Just unboxed nightmare .... who thinks that the black version looks more cool than the original color 😍😍😍more
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Adrian Rstarted a discussion
This are some of my beybladesmore
Dragon Clawstarted a discussion
So I just received that big order Z Achilles with xtend Z Achilles with destroyer and dagger frame Aiga set Archer Hercules for eternal This random booster has nightmare planet confirmed Black version And launcher LR red <3more
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Kazumastarted a discussion
Hi everyone my names Kazuma how is everyone in the group doing today?more
Kylestarted a discussion
The beys I got from thatmore
Kylestarted a discussion
The bladers that I got from that besides Xandermore
Kylestarted a discussion
Won the giveaway for the SwitchStrike Starters in the Rivals appmore
Benstarted a discussion
Recolors. I'm not too crazy about them, but I really love this one. What are your favorite recolors?more
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Dragon Clawstarted a discussion
Welcoming Spriggan to my collection(just received today)... it may not be the best beyblade , but it is my most favorite . I am in love with Spriggan 😍😄more
Cesarstarted a discussion
I am starting beyblade so I don’t Have a lot a of beybladesmore
Kylestarted a discussion
Finally found wave 5 at Target more
Chris Floresstarted a discussion
takara tomy beyblades yayyy
Dragon Clawstarted a discussion
So guys I just received my Geist Fafnir today... my first Takara Tomy beyblade ever !! I am so excitedmore