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Let’s talk about my skate gear!more
Ammar Hakeem Bin Jeffreystarted a discussion
do you have tips on kick flippingmore
Brady Behanstarted a discussion
Anyone have any tips on Ollieing bettermore
Wyatt Carmichaelstarted a discussion
Hello. I’m planning on getting some new skate shoes. Does anyone know some good skate shoes to buy?more
Ryder McClurgstarted a discussion
OK so I'm looking at getting a new deck but idk if i should go with a Powell Flight, Enjoi, Almost, or Girl deck. Someone let me know who has skated some of these.more
Daniel Skjetnestarted a discussion
are spitfire big head good wheels for park and street?more
Parkerstarted a discussion
anybody know some good skate shoes?more
Paulastarted a discussion
Hey guys do you recommend buying Henry Jones hoodie because I live far from USA and shipping could be expensive ?????more
Daniel Skjetnestarted a discussion
if youre only gonna get 1 pack og wheels that you are going to skate street and park with wich wheels should you buy?more
Coleman Frankstarted a discussion
Does anyone know any tips to avoid having shoelaces being ripped? I am always buying new laces because they get torn up from my griptape.more
Paulastarted a discussion
Hey guys I am a begginer skater, I know ollie shove it pop shove it and some basic tricks. I really wanna learn frontside 180 and no comply 180 but I don’t know how to land them. Any suggestions??more
Danny Rstarted a discussion
Some recommended itemsmore
Danny Rstarted a discussion
Need som new urethane wheels any suggestions?more
William Bstarted a discussion
I’m brand new to skateboarding and I really want to try and get better I just don’t know we’re to start I can stop and ride and start but I’m also goofy footed so what should I practice as my next taskmore
Moisesstarted a discussion
What Shoes are the best for Skateboarding cause I have some Vans Old skool and like there kinda wearied out. So which shoes y'all ? more
Daniel Skjetnestarted a discussion
are bullet trucks good?more
Kennedystarted a discussion
I started skateboarding a month ago, I want to learn how to do tricks, mainly Ollie, but I need major help. Suggestions?more
Jesus Cervantesstarted a discussion
Hey guys im looking for some tips on my first actual good skateboard because i have a Walmart one and i want a good one so can y’all recommend me some stuffmore
Kaya Altinsoystarted a discussion
so, i want to start skating and i bought these shoes a while ago, i am not sure if these are skate shoes. I don’t want to buy new ones cause i just spend all my money on a board. Can someone help me out?more
Isaacstarted a discussion
How do u guys find all the skate wear such as pants socks shoes boards tees and moremore
Jackson Langellastarted a discussion
Which brand makes the best decks?more
Rylee Sk8 K!dstarted a discussion
so I want you guys/lady's to tell me, what would make me look like a poser, or anyone for that matter? pls comment.😁 thx more
Aiden Speedstarted a discussion
What are the smoothest wheels for street skatingmore
Quintinstarted a discussion
Were do u get trophy grip?more
Braedy Wudtkestarted a discussion
How do you clean your grip tapemore
Cesar Ramirezstarted a discussion
What shoe are best for skatingmore
Carter Pricestarted a discussion
For Christmas should I get a new complete or a drawing tablet?more
Joshstarted a discussion
Where do you get good looking grip tapes?more
Jakobstarted a discussion
which skateshoes are the best?more
hjorthstarted a discussion
Good skateboard deck on a budgetmore
Achilleasstarted a discussion
Should I get thunder trucks or independentmore
Achilleasstarted a discussion
Should I get the baker+vans shoes or the brand new nike sbmore
Achilleasstarted a discussion
Hi I’m a really big fan just asking how do you feel about thunder trucks?more
Travis Bettencourtstarted a discussion
does any one have tips on tre flips?¿more
Jaydenstarted a discussion
Dose truck size make a difference I’m new to skating and skate an 8 sized deck what truck size should I get?? Plz helpmore
Tanner Richmondstarted a discussion
I want a long lasting skate shoe but not vans or Nike sb, What are some good brands? I have been recommended Lakais and emericasmore
Kelly Gilmorestarted a discussion
do fortune boards have lasting pop and are they light?more
Max Campbellstarted a discussion
Is there alot of difference between 54 and 52 mm wheels? I’m a new skateboarder and i’ve experienced that when i tried to poweslide / powerstop, it is a lot easier with harder wheels.more
Jakobstarted a discussion
are rip n dip Decks good or bad?more
Harry Ballsstarted a discussion
only used grizzly and mob what's the best griptape brandmore
Charliestarted a discussion
What is the best hardware brand? I never ask anyone about thismore
Benjaminstarted a discussion
What are some shoes that have good padding?more
Thomas Roystarted a discussion
Where y’all find your skate merch?? Cargo pants/tees/hoodies!!!!! Need new merchhmore
jordanstarted a discussion
hi i’m a 12 year old boy and i’m skate if a walmart board rn what do i get i am brand new to this so name brands and an entire dechmore
jordanstarted a discussion
what skate brands are reliable and what cloths should i getmore
Benjaminstarted a discussion
What are good skateboarding shoes?more
Dylan Hardystarted a discussion
Loose trucks or tight trucks? I prefer like in the middle wbu guysmore
Luke Joystarted a discussion
Spitfires or bones??more
Ar Sstarted a discussion
what kind of bearings should I get (beginner not poser)more
Lionstarted a discussion
What kinda deck should I get : Element,Quasi or Toymachine?more